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Selected Examples of Publicly Accessible PRGCI Work Products for Clients

Gold from Silvarado Mine

About 12 ounces of gold nuggets retrieved by PRGCI geologist Tom Bundtzen and others during metal detector analysis of the bedrock paystreak in Swede Channel, Nolan Creek, Alaska.

February 2013 — Issued 43100 Report for Lichen property in Southcentral Alaska

June, 2011 — Material site investigations along the Dunbar-Livengood Rail Extension, Interior Alaska

October, 2010 — The Sleitat Tin-Silver Prospect by P. W. Layer and T. K. Bundtzen, GSA Abstract at National Meeting Denver, Colorado

July, 2010 — Alaska Mining and Geology a seminar conducted by PRGCI president Tom Bundtzen that describes five must-read books relevant to Alaska's mining history. This presentation is part of the 4th Annual Alaska Book Festival sponsored by the University of Alaska Press.

October, 2009 — Unlocking the Hines Creek and Associated Faults, Eastern Alaska Range - Evidence for Cenozoic Displacement in T70 - Interaction of Tectonics, Climate Change, Eustacy in Development of the North American Cordillera by by W. Nokleberg and PRGCI president Tom Bundtzen: Geological Society of America Annual Meeting Portland, Oregon Abstract #108-8, page 302; poster available online.

July, 2009 — An Update on the Platinum Mining Activities in the Russian Far East by PRGCI President Tom Bundtzen, in, Sudkamp, Anne, ed., The Russian Far East News, vol. 6, no. 5, July, 1977, pp. 3-5.

February, 2009 — , Northeast Russia: Journal of the Alaska Miners Association, vol. 37, no. 2, pages 6-21.

PRGCI's Tom Bundtzen Examines Silver Prospect in Dukat Region of Russian Far East

PRGCI President Tom Bundtzen Examines Silver Mineralization at Dukat, Magedon Region of Russian Far East

September, 2008 — Heavy Mineral Placer Deposits of the Alaska-Yukon Region Circum North Pacific - a review by PRGCI President T. Bundtzen and P. Metz, in, Kanchuk, A.I., Goryechev, N.A., and others, editors, ABSTRACT in Gold of the North Pacific Rim - The International Geological Exploration and Mining Forum dedicated to the First Kolymian Expedition headed by Yuri Bilibin, Magadan, Russian Federation, September 10-14, 2008, pages 20-21. (317 pages for total volume)

July 2008 — 43101 gold reports for Silverado's Alaskan properties, with subsequent updates

April, 2008 — Update on the Mining Activites on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Eastern Russia by PRGCI President Tom Bundtzen: Journal of the Alaska Miners Association, vol. 36, no. 4, pages 6-7; 16-25.

January, 2008 — Review of Tectonics and Metallogeny of the Circum-North Pacific and East Asia — The Leonid Parfenov Memorial Conference in Khabarovsk, Russian Far East (SEG Newsletter, No. 72)

‘MI 8’      MI-8 Helicopter lands at porphyry copper prospect with PRGCI President Tom Bundtzen in Russian Far East; circa June, 2007

‘MI 8’ MI-8 Helicopter lands at porphyry copper prospect with PRGCI President Tom Bundtzen in Russian Far East; circa June, 2007

December, 2007 — Surface exploration and structural analysis of gold-quartz vein-fault deposits in the historic Chandalar district of Northern Alaska for Little Squaw Gold Mining Company

August - September 2007 — Detailed surface exploration of the Lichen Copper-silver (gold) prospect in South-Central Alaska, for Alaska Ventures, Inc.

August 2006 - October 2007 — Surface and drill evaluation of several peat bogs in SW Alaska for thermal quality and as an alternate energy resource for bush Alaska

January, 2007 — Koryakgeoldobycha Assists Earthquake Victims in Russian Far East Through Charity Fund: Alaska Miner, Vol. 35, No.1)

bedrock composititon

Photos of fluvial facies
in underground drift mining,
Nolan Creek valley,
Koyukuk District,
for client Silverado Gold Mines, Inc.
(Click for larger image)

October, 2006 — Project Update—Placer Gold Production from Cleanup of 2006 Swede Pay Gravels and Exploration Activities of Silverado Gold Mines in Koyukuk District, Alaska; for Silverado Gold Mines, Ltd.

April, 2006 — Project Update — Completion of 2005-2006 Swede Channel Phase I Underground development Activities on Nolan Creek, Koyukuk District, Northern Alaska; for Silverado Gold Mines, Ltd.

February, 2006 — Swede Channel 2005/2006 Development Project, Nolan Creek, Koyukuk District, Northern Alaska; for Silverado Gold Mines, Ltd.

February, 2006 — Draft Summary of Alaska Candidate Mineral Deposits for Alaska-Canada Railroad Study; for Gartner Lee Limited

President T. Bundtzen with glacial erratic

Bundtzen examines eroded glacial erratic in
lower Stoney River floodplain while investigating
Quaternary geology of the Lime Hills.

geological sketch

A geological sketch map
from one of our reports
(click image to enlarge)

October, 2005 — Final 2005 Report: Lichen Copper-Gold-Silver Project Investigations, Talkeetna D-1 and D-2 Quadrangles, South-Central Alaska—For Silver Phoenix Resources

May, 2005 — Draft 2005 Report, Lime Hills and western Tyonek Quadrangles Surficial Geologic Mapping and Ecosystem Development Analysis of Glacial deposits; for ABR Inc. and U.S. National Park Service and U.S. Geological Survey

March, 2005 — Historic Gold Production and Important Gold Mineral Deposits of Eastern Russia; ABSTRACT and POWERPOINT presentation by PRGCI President Tom Bundtzen and Sergei Diakov at Prospectors and Development Association of Canada (PDAC), March 17, 2005.

February, 2005 — 2004-2005 State Land Mineral Selections Priority project—Input for Interior Alaska Selection Blocks, for Alaska Department of Natural Resources

December, 2004 — Information Review and Recommendations, Gold Properties on Ester Dome and a Eagle Creek, Fairbanks Mining District, and Nolan Area, Koyukuk Mining District Alaska; 43-101 Review for Silverado Gold Mines Limited

July, 2004 — Annotated Summary of Aggregate Materials Availability and Mineral Resource Potential in Yukon Ports and Roads project Area; for State of Alaska Yukon Ports and Roads Project

April, 2004 — Gold deposits of the Chandalar Mining District, Northern Alaska: an Information Review and Recommendations, for Little Squaw Gold Mining Company

March, 2004 — Two 25+ Page Illustrated Information Brochures and Complete Booth Display at Prospectors and Developers Association Meeting in Toronto, Canada, for Koryak-Geoldobycha, A Russian Mining Company Operating on the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian Far East

August, 2003 — Investigation of Heavy Mineral Placer and Lode Gold prospects, Bear Creek Claim Group, Hogatza River Area, Northwest Alaska; for Client Release

July, 2003 — Alaska Resource Data Files (ARDF) for the Iditarod Quadrangle, Southwest Alaska; for U.S. Geological Survey

Bundtzen working with drill core

PRGCI President working with auger drill..

PRGCI booth in Toronto

PRGCI-KGD booth in Toronto, Canada
at the 2004 PDAC

March, 2003 — Alaska Resource Data Files (ARDF) for the Sleetmute Quadrangle, Southwest Alaska; for U.S. Geological Survey

March, 2003 — Mineral-in-Character Assessment of Indian River Materials Site, Glenn Highway (Tok-Cutoff) South-Central Alaska; for Office of Attorney General, State of Alaska.

March, 2002 — Porphyry Copper-Gold Potential of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian Federation; for Client Review

December, 2001 — Ni-Cu-PGE Potential of the Roberts PGM, Straight Creek, and Lyman Hills Prospects, Farewell district; for Platinum Palladium Holdings, Inc.

August, 2001 — Platinum, Gold, Nickel, and Copper Investigations in the Sredinny Terrane, Kamchatka Peninsula; for Client Review

November, 2000 — Investigations of the Roberts PGM Prospect; for Platinum-Palladium Holdings, Ltd.

March, 2000 — Alaska Resource Data Files (ARDF) for the McGrath Quadrangle, Western Alaska; for U.S. Geological Survey

Working in Goldstream bog

Weather and meteorological station in Goldstream Valley peat bog for Client Barrick Gold Corporation

April, 1999 — Alaska Resource Data Files (ARDF) for the Medfra Quadrangle, Western Alaska; for U.S. Geological Survey

March, 1999 — Heavy Mineral Placer Deposits as Sources of Past and Present Metal Output — Important Exploration Guides for Discovery of Lode Deposits in Alaska, and Yukon, Canada, and the Russian Far East: Proceedings of a short course given by Tom Bundtzen, Steve Morrison, Warren Nokleberg, and Eugene Sidorov at the Prospectors and Development Association of Canada, pp. 197-210.

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