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PRGCI Projects and Clients

Current and Past Clients of PRGCI

ABR Inc.Alaska Department of Natural Resources
diamond core drill

Diamond core drill rig on project managed by PRGCI

Alaska Office of Attorney General Alaska Ventures Inc.
Alexco Resource Corperation American Copper and Nickel, Inc.
Barrick Gold Corporation BHP Billiton
Calista Corperation CH2M Hill
Corvis Mining Company Doyon Limited
Gartner Lee, Ltd. Industrial Minerals
Kinam Gold Corperation Kinross Gold Corporation
(aka Fairbanks Gold Mining Company, Inc.)
Little Squaw Gold Mining Company M & M Mining Company
Nevada Pacific Mining Company North Star Exploration, Inc.
Newmont Mining Corporation Northair Group
Northern Land Use Research Nycon Resources
PBJ Mining, LLC. Placer Dome U.S.
Siberian Copper, Ltd. Silverado Gold Mines Ltd.
Sitnasuak Native Corporation Taiga Mining Company
Tri Valley Corporation U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. National Park Service University of Alaska School of Engineering and Mines

*** PRGCI regards work done for all clients as confidential unless either permission has been given to release the results of such project work or the results have been publicly released. This important condition applies to all clients listed above or anywhere else on this website.

Recent PRGCI Project Case Histories

Management of Alaskan Field Operations for North Star Exploration, Inc. From 1999-2002, PRGCI managed programs and the Alaskan field office of the Denver-Based junior company North Star Exploration, Inc. (NSEI), which leased 7 million acres of interior Alaska lands owned by Doyon Limited, a native regional corporation based in Fairbanks. The work plan carried out programs ranging in size from $1.5 to $3.2 million USD in exploration using up to 15 geologists, logistical personnel and geophysics experts annually. First-phase drill programs were carried out on five properties. Exploration Confidentiality agreements were signed with 13 companies.

Projects under PRGCI management resulted in the discovery of PGE-Ni prospects near Farewell, a high grade silver-gold-copper prospects near Northway Junction, a copper-gold prospect at Divide in the Goodpaster district, a high sulfidation gold-silver prospect at Kaiyah on the Yukon River, and promising gold prospects in the Innoko district near McGrath.

reverse circulatory drill rig

PRGCI drill tested a low grade calcium carbonate
resource with a reverse circulatory (RC) drill rig
in southwest Alaska.

39 ounce platinum nugget

39 ounce platinum nugget from KGD placer
mines on Kamchatka Peninsula
(larger image)

Diamond drill programs and large camp structures required compliance with both State of Alaska and Federal regulatory framework. All of our reclamation work passed compliance field officer inspections.

Industrial Mineral Assessments - PRGCI completed a mineral-in-character assessment for the Alaska Office of the Attorney General and another client for sand and gravel deposits in interior and south-central Alaska. The assessments required drilling, a geologic mapping effort, an environmental analysis, and a marketability test.

A large mining client employed PRGCI to search for a calcium carbonate resource suitable for lime production and various acid-mitigation applications to be applied at a large mining development project in the Kuskokwim River area of southwest Alaska. Other projects have included the search for railroad ballast and riprap sources in Interior Alaska.

KoryakGeoldobycha (KGD) Mine Developments in Kamchatka, Russian Far East PRGCI was under contract with the Russian mineral firm Koryak Geodolbycha (KGD). Technical input involved review of KGD's portfolio of mineral properties and construction of a display booth for marketing at the PDAC Convention in Toronto, during March 7-10, 2004. KGD and PRGCI worked together to design a 2005 tour of their Russian operations for the Alaska Miners Association. Consultation with KGD continued through 2010.

Western Client Assessment of Infrastructure Needs in Russian Far East A large western mineral firm has deployed PRGCI to provide information on road access, power availability, and miscellaneous environmental regulatory issues in a remote region of the Russian Far East. PRGCI has consulted for several other mining companies trying to assess the opportunities and limitations of working in the Russian Federation.

Peat Exploration Program During August 2006 to October, 2007, Alaska peat bogs in SW Alaska were evaluated by PRGCI first with surface sampling and followed up with drill programs. A specially designed hammer drill technology purchased by the client was used in the evaluation of three bog complexes; 2,100 drill holes averaged about 4.5 meters depth (maximum depth--10 meters). One area contains >120 million meters3 of drill-indicated peat resources--the first drill-testing of a significant thermal peat resource in Alaska. Peat quality ranged upward to 9,000 BTU (dry) and averaged nearly 7,000 BTU in the most promising complex. New cutting edge technology was developed during the successful exploration program. Peat should be regarded as a viable alternative energy resource in remote Alaska bush areas where the cost of imported fuel has become excessively high and viable alternatives are limited.

Calcium Carbonate Assessment During parts of 2004-2007, PRGCI evaluated CaCO3 resources in a remote area of SW Alaska for a large client seeking material to control acidity in mine tailings. After CaCO3-bearing rocks were delineated, a 13 hole, RC drill program was completed, and then followed up with a 21 hole diamond core drilling program. All samples underwent an exhaustive acid-base accounting analysis, augmented by detailed petrographic analyses of mineralized materials. A large, low grade resource was drill-indicated in a calcareous sandstone section adjacent to the proposed mine site that proved to be suitable for the proposed use. Additional follow-up located smaller, higher grade CaCO3 resources possibly suitable for metallurgical applications.

Exploration of a Basaltic Copper Deposit From 2005 - 2012, PRGCI has designed and implemented a first phase exploration program at Lichen copper silver (gold) deposit in south-central Alaska, using rock, soil, and panned concentrate samples re-enforcing geologic mapping and geophysical data. Induced Polarization (IP) results from six vertical profiles revealed well defined, changeability anomalies that are excellent sulfide drill targets.

Exploration of Copper - Silver - Gold Properties in Tintina Gold Province - During 2008 - 2012, PRGCI initiated assessment-level exploration of copper - silver - gold prospects west of McGrath, Alaska. These prospects are within the Late Cretaceous - Early Tertiary part of the Tintina Gold Province of Southwest Alaska.

Assessed rock quality for Alaska Railroad Mainline Class riprap potential for several clients.

Evaluation of platinum, nickel, cobalt, and copper deposits throughout Alaska for several clients

List of Publicly Accessible PRGCI Work Products Completed for Clients

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