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PRGCI offers a diverse array of services to both private and government clients. These include:

bringing in supplies

Bringing in exploration supplies
at the Lichen Prospect.


Photomicropraph of gold bearing sample from
Chandalar mining district in Northern Alaska

Traveling to Dukat Region of Russian Far East

Field Geologists En Route to Dukat Region
of Magadon, Russian Far East September 2008

  • Bedrock and Surficial Geologic Mapping - PRGCI professionals have produced geologic maps at a variety of scales ranging from prospect scales (1:200) to more regional in scope 1:100,000; and has established contractual arrangements with laboratories engaged in isotopic age dating, and geochemical analyses.
  • Metallic Mineral Resource Exploration Programs - PRGCI specializes in greenfields evaluations, soil sampling, ground geophysics, bedrock sampling, and the management and carrying out of diamond drill and RC drill programs for resource definition;
  • Industrial Minerals Evaluations - PRGCI has conducted evaluations of industrial minerals that have included sand and gravel, aggregate, and calcium carbonate resources. Typical work completion includes acid-base accounting analyses for carbonate resources, and ASTM testing of aggregate, sand and gravel, riprap, and railroad ballast.
  • Heavy Mineral Placer Deposit Investigations - PRGCI has evaluated heavy mineral placer deposits containing gold, platinum, tin, rare earth elements, and ilmenite throughout Alaska as well in Alaska and the Russian Far East;
  • Alternative Energy Exploration - PRGCI has been engaged in evaluation of thermal-quality peat resources which underlay twenty-eight million acres of the 49th state.
  • Thin Section Petrography and Analysis - PRGCI provides for standard thin section evaluations using both reflected and transmitted light on a Nikon 104 Labophot-Pol™ research microscope, and has established contractual relationships with microprobe expertise. PRGCI lapidary and thin section rock saws, and rock polishers are also deployed to prepare samples for both research and display;
  • Permitting Review and Analysis - PRGCI has provided for land status reviews, permit acquisitions, claim staking needs, and camp management where appropriate for client needs;
  • Independent Technical Review of Company Programs - PRGCI has reviewed projects for both private and public clients. Mineral in Character analyses have also been completed.
  • Russian Far East Expertise - PRGCI President Tom Bundtzen is a recognized expert of the geology and mineral deposits of the Russian Far East. He has published on the geology and the mineral resources of this era since 1989. His current focus is assessing the geologic character of both metallic and non-metallic resources on the Kamchatka Peninsula.
  • Baseline Environmental Surveys - PRGCI conducts environmental baseline studies for mining clients contemplating development opportunities, which include the design and implementation of rock, water, and soil sites for establishing natural pre-mining conditions. Accepted chain of custody procedures are strictly adhered to.

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